Ha'Kor's Lineage

(need to figure out a table or code to make a family tree)

Red Talon Tribe Ancestors

Father = Thuul’Mak Duum (Grey Orc) _ Mother = Unkown Orc

Ha’Kor, Chosen of Talos (Half-Orc?) (Ha’Kor was created as just a half-orc, maybe Orc would have been appropriate)

Ha’Kor (was werewolf at time) + sun,glade,breeze etc (Wolf) = 1 litter of something..?

Ha’Kor + Cyrax (Red Dragon) 1 clutch medium, 1 clutch large, 1 clutch half-fiend? (was a balor at the time)

Ha’Kor + Harem (Humans) 9 children (5f 4m) quarter-Orc?

Ha’Kor = Adopted Children = 4 human, 1 half-elf, 1 red dragon

(This is a pretty messed up family)

Ha'Kor's Lineage

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