Church of Talos

The church of Talos.

, god of storms, chaos and destruction is one of the most feared and denounced religions in Faerun.

Baldur’s Gate is the seat of power of the church of Talos, home to the greatest of their temples.

Once a forbidden religion, they were hidden due to the persecution of many other orders/factions until the ascension of the last Chosen of Talos Durak-Tu, who several centuries ago raised them back from the shadows to be the great power they continue to be to this day.

Recent events have seen a rejuvinating effect upon the church who have begun to expand and act once again under the leadership of their new Chosen Ha’kor, who ascended to his new position of power at the will of the god Talos himself and under the (sometimes indirect) mentoring of Durak-Tu who wished to end his time upon the material plane after his extended life had become dull.

Ha’Kor’s leadership has seen the church change it’s ways to suit his viewpoints. Where Durak-Tu stood defiant and strong in the face of all opposition and remaining mostly independent. Ha’Kor has begun to build closer alliances with the other followers of the Gods of Destruction and to extend alliances to diametrically opposed religions too. The church is still considered as strong as it was under Durak’s rule, but is coming under more scrutiny due to the dangerous unpredictability of their current leader.

Church of Talos

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