Church of Mask

The church of Mask

has been driven further underground due to the actions of the mad god Cyric

. Mask lost the portfolio of Intrigue but managed to retaIN control of Shadows, Thievery, Thieves; so still has a fair following of cut-purses, con-men/decievers and many assassins.

Not that that has been a major setback for the church when that is where they were used to plying their trade to begin with. But it did make the followers just a little more careful work to keep controll of all their original holdings throughout Faerun.

A new and surprising development has given the church of Mask new impetus to grow and expand. Due to a new the Chosen of Talos has declared that the church of Mask is now under the direct protection of all the churches of the gods of destruction. What this means nobody is sure about, but it can’t be anything good as far as many are concerned.

Church of Mask

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