• Agon Bonecutter

    Agon Bonecutter

    Goblin Ninja 'Privateer'. Owner of the Irregulars the Finest Mercenary Organisation in Fearun.
  • Amon Val'Mere

    Amon Val'Mere

    Worm that Walks. Wizard. Worshiper of Shar.
  • Arnur 'Silvertongue' Chadovar

    Arnur 'Silvertongue' Chadovar

    Chief Cleric of the Church of Mask. 'Legitimate Business Man'
  • Braelion Du'Hathon

    Braelion Du'Hathon

    Drow Half Shadow Dragon Rogue Son of Lanemae Du'Hathon
  • Cade Alexander Violet

    Cade Alexander Violet

    Cade the Violent Blade. Pirate King of Luskan.
  • Caryx


    Assassin and follower of Mask
  • Dagnal


    Dwarfen Member of the Church of Talos Assigned to Ha'kor.
  • Durak-Tu


    Chief Cleric and Stormlord of Talos. Lord of Chaos and Destruction.
  • Fregor Melwind

    Fregor Melwind

    Loyal Human Barbarian. Currently rotting in an obsidian tower waiting to raise again from the dead, or maybe not.
  • Ha'kor


    Born of the Red Talon Tribe, Stormlord of Talos, Slayer of Cormyr, Dragon S/Layer, Herald of the Storm.
  • Henrik Yale

    Henrik Yale

    Claims His Name is Pronounced 'Onrik'
  • Lanemae Du'Hathon

    Lanemae Du'Hathon

    Deathgold, 'Black Widow', the Prince of Venom, Assassin.
  • Quay Nomanalion

    Quay Nomanalion

    Powerful wizard and head of Waterdeeps Watchful Order of Mages and Protectors.
  • Raith Demesne

    Raith Demesne

    Devout Cleric of Mask, Seeker of the Shards, Sworn Enemy of the Usurper
  • Taladorn Du'Hathon

    Taladorn Du'Hathon

    Frost Fire, Brother of Lanemae Du'Hathon, Pit Fighter.
  • Thorack "String Fingers" Stoneshield

    Thorack "String Fingers" Stoneshield

    Dwarfen Defender Who's Too Dumb to Realise He's Working For Evil.
  • Zakhar the Defiler

    Zakhar the Defiler

    Ha'kors Sword and Conscience.