The Blacklisted Union

founded 1373 – The year of Rogue Dragons

Founding Members:
Braelion Du’Hathon
Fregor Melwind

Player characters that are members of the affiliation and their rank:
Ha’kor – Brotherhood
Braelion Du’Hathon – Brotherhood
Fregor Melwind – Brotherhood
Thorack “String Fingers” Stoneshield – (tbc)
Dagnal – (tbc)
Henrik Yale – (tbc)
Caryx – (tbc…. also possibly dead and gone)

Agon Bonecutter invested 200,000gp start-up capital, for 20% of affiliation profits per year for 10 years. And any of our party that are still affiliated with The Irregulars, no longer has to pay the 5% donation fee.
Arnur ‘Silvertongue’ Chadovar (Deal to be confirmed – 200,000, !0% profits per year, employed as affiliation lawyer, no longer charged for audience)

Affiliation Scale: 13 (Continental/Sea-faring)

Affiliation criteria:


  • Expertise and Power +½ character level
  • Worships Talos, Umberlee, Auril, Malar or Mask +1
  • Base attack bonus +5 or higher +1
  • Saves the life of a member with an affiliation score of 21+ +2
  • Base attack bonus +10 or higher +1
  • Adventures with a member of the affiliation +1
  • Defeats a violent enemy of the affiliation (Cyricists etc) +¼ of creature CR
  • Donates money or magic items to the affiliation +1/1000gp donated (may be a max per annum)
  • Safely bring home orphaned children to be raised by the affiliation +1
  • Maintaining the good image and/or advertising services of the affiliation +!


  • Killing children (non-combatants) -1
  • Steal from the affiliation -5
  • Lack base attack bonus of at least +5 -2
  • Besmirching the good image and/or driving away business away from the affiliation -5
  • Fail a mission -2


  • Break chain of command +2 valid reason/-2 unjustified
Affiliation Score Title Benefits and Duties
0-3 Nameless No Benefit
4-10 Sworn 10gp per month income
Rent free barracks
Requisition a 1st lvl potion or scroll once per month
20% discount from the affiliation smithies
15% of campaign loot to be donated to affiliation
11-19 Bloodied 50gp per month income
Rent free private room at barracks
Requisition 3rd lvl potion or scroll once per month
25% discount from the affiliation smithies
Family protection for duration of membership
Personal assistant CR1
10% of campaign loot to be donated to affiliation
Responsibility for the men under your command
Actively seek employment/adventure
20-29 Scarred 1000gp per month income
Lifetime protection of family
20% discount on magical equipment
Call in a favour (request personal intervention from a brotherhood member)
Borrow an item worth up to 30,000gp for 2d4 days once per month
Personal honour guard (4-6 EL8)
5% of campaign loot to be donated to the affiliation
Regional command stationing
Actively seek military contracts/employment
Actively use command against the enemies of the affiliation
30+ Brotherhood May buy out from active duty retaining all benefits
5000gp (inactive)/10,000gp (active) per month income
Active members may call upon the other Brotherhood members with no detriment
Vote in Brotherhood council
Personal honour guard (4-12 EL12)
Assured resurrection (if wanted)
May call 1 Shadow Spider assassination once per year (not upon another Brotherhood member)
Active members have unlimited access to the magic and mundane armoury
Inactive members may be called upon if their services are greatly required
All members must attend the annual council meeting or any emergency meeting called
Must secure majority vote to join the brotherhood
Must appraise The Brotherhood of, and deal with the enemies of the affiliation where they are found
Become a party to the secret goal of the affiliation. To resurrect Mask into the pantheon of Talos et al. To do everything possible to further that goal and protect that secret until fulfilled

The Blacklisted Union

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