Raith Demesne

Devout Cleric of Mask, Seeker of the Shards, Sworn Enemy of the Usurper


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Currently in Waterdeep. Has been cleared of the regicide charges on condition he goes into the undermountain on a suicide mission.

Raith has recently opened a tavern called ‘Masque’ and a tailors shop called ‘The Perfect Cut’. Raith considers himself a ligitimate businesman.

Raith is having trouble hiring after the crimewave he masterminded in Waterdeep which led to the city guard storming his warehouse lair and slaughtering his men while he disapeared.

Current plans are:

1. Seek out all the shards of Stealthwhisper.
2. Destroy The Usurper.
3. Reclaim the domain of intrigue for Mask.
4. Become chosen of Mask.
5. Eradicate all followers of The Usurper.
6. Convert those who live in shadow to Mask.
7. Open a chain of tailor shops. [Intrigue and Assasination]

Raith aims high.

Dispite his nigh impossible goals Raith does not seek glory, fame or fortune for himself; only for Mask.

Raith Demesne

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