Assassin and follower of Mask


Born in Amn, Caryx came from a long line of halflings with distinguished careers in the Shadow Thieves. Learning at his family’s side the ways of the footpad and cutpurse, Caryx found he lacked the patience and that he was drawn into the more violent side of the thief’s game. Growing sloppy, Caryx eventually killed the wrong man, a wealthy merchant of Athkatla whose family had paid protection to the Shadow Thieves for many years. With his head wanted on both sides of the law, Caryx sought sanctuary in the Church of Mask, where a senior cleric passing through noticed him and thought his talent for violence could be put to use.

Caryx was taken from Athkatla to a hidden monastery, where his innate talent for violence was honed and he was at the same time taught to use it with subtlety and restraint. Eventually Caryx was tested, being sent to live in Waterdeep among the peasants of the Dock Ward for several months, surviving without aid and biding his time until one day he was given an order to assassinate one of the nobles of the city. Doing this silently, swiftly and with no collateral damage, he was accepted into the Shadow Spiders.

Now his training began in earnest, and Caryx learnt the arts of the assassin. Training in magics and poisons to assist his natural abilities, as well as sharpening his skills in stealth to even greater levels, Caryx became accepted as being as good as any other in the order, and with a reputation for calm and restraint that belied his occasionally riotous past. For this reason, Caryx was selected to go and act as guard for Brelian DuHathan, a person of some importance to his masters and employers…


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